Economic Development: Gaithersburg is a thriving city with a small-town feel. Councilmember Sayles is a past board member of the City of Gaithersburg Economic and Business Development Committee, appointed by the Mayor and Council. Mrs. Sayles is dedicated to making the necessary investments into our City’s infrastructure to keep our community walkable, accessible, and safe for future generations. Councilmember Sayles is committed to fiscal responsibility to maintain a surplus in the budget, keep costs low for residents, and support small businesses while attracting those that will thrive in our City.  Councilmember Sayles will be taking her talents to the national stage with her recent National League of Cities appointment as Chair of the Community & Economic Development Federal Advocacy Committee.

Civic Engagement: Increasing civic engagement, raising awareness about local issues, and participating in local government are important goals for any municipality. Councilmember Sayles is committed to empowering residents to contribute to decision-making, whether exercising their right to vote or submitting testimony to voice their opinions on issues affecting our community. As the past President of a countywide organizations dedicated to increasing civic engagement and mobilizing residents, Mrs. Sayles can attest to the power of actively engaged communities getting the results they deserve when they work together.  Councilmember Sayles will serve on County Executive Marc Elrich's Transition Team for 'Thriving Youth and Families, focusing on pre-K strategies, equity, life expectancy, oversight of MCPS and opportunity gaps.

Environmental Sustainability: Gaithersburg provides a variety of opportunities to engage its residents around issues related to environmental health, water quality, and preservation of our wetlands. Councilmember Sayles is committed to protecting our environment as the Council Liaison to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments-Chesapeake Bay & Water Resources Policy Committee. Mrs. Sayles supports opportunities for residents to deepen their connections and commitment to preserving our natural environment as an active Board Member of the Muddy Branch Alliance, the City's only watershed.

Education: A former board member of the City's Education Enrichment Committee, Councilmember Sayles is a testament to how supporting and investing in public education not only strengthens our community, but develops the leaders of the future. Councilmember Sayles served as a representative of Gaithersburg schools on the MCPS Roundtable on Gaithersburg Cluster Overcrowding.  As a member of the Gaithersburg City Council, Councilmember Sayles is committed to working with state and county leaders to secure appropriate funding to improve the quality of our students' educational experience.


Safe Communities for All: Gaithersburg residents deserve leaders that are committed to providing exceptional

service to everyone in our community. Initiatives like the smoking ban and community policing, all contribute to a safe and healthy community. Councilmember Sayles is committed to working with our residents and public safety officers, to promote innovative ideas to keep our community walkable, healthy, and safe. Sayles is dedicated to safeguarding our infrastructure investments so Gaithersburg remains a safe place to live, play, start a business, raise a family and age in place.  In keeping her commitment to our community, Councilmember Sayles serves as the Council's liaison to the Senior Advisory Committee/Benjamin Gaither Center & Friends of Wells/Robertson House.


In the presence of Trailblazers. 1st #SMOB member David Naimon, and I flanked by the late Soror Ruby Rubens & Hon. Odessa Shannon. May their souls rest in peace.